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Rearing cubicles

The “Original” cubicle revolutionized waterfowl rearing in Europe when first introduced and continues to be preferred by experienced hobbyists and professionals.  Now made in America, the original rearing cubicle stands to make waves on this side of the pond too. 

Made from fiberglass with a durable white gelcoat interior paint, the original rearing cubicle keeps chicks clean while providing them with the benefits of wet brooding. Chicks stay clean and dry on the plastic floor grate that does not harbor bacteria, rust or decay. A constant water flow keeps the water cool and fresh, encouraging quality feather development.  The cubicle can also be used for dry brooding (with the purchase of an additional floor grate).

The Original Rearing Cubicle comes with:
1 standard duty floor grate
2 safety drains and fittings (easy connection to 1-1/2" drain pipe)
2 drain plugs

  • Proven, time tested European design
  • Solid one piece construction
  • Easily cleaning and disinfection
  • Provides immediate access to water to promote feeding response
  • Overflow design keeps water clean and fresh 24/7
  • Floor grate keeps droppings and spilled feed away from chicks
  • Escape proof- smooth walls prevent climbing
  • Color (exterior): white
  • Color (interior): white
  • 48" (L) x 29" (W) x 22" (H)
  • Lightweight (~30 pounds)

$400.00 each plus shipping

Extra cubicle floors

Made from heavy duty plastic, these floor grates will stand up to years of use. Excess water, feed and droppings fall through the grate, helping to keep birds clean and dry. They can be soaked in disinfectant and washed between uses. Rough sanded for improved traction. 

Our replacement floors fit both American and European manufactured cubicles.  Unlike coated wire floors which rust and stain over time, our plastic floors will not damage the inside of the cubicle.  Holes in brooders are 1/2" and will work well with all waterfowl species. 

$40.00 each plus shipping

We can also make a significantly smaller hole design for use with shorebirds as well as a solid floor with no holes at all for dry brooding.  Please inquire.



Soft Floor Mats

Ideal for sensitive and/or small-footed species (cranes, plovers, quail, etc.) these 1/4" thick durable mats provide a soft, high traction flooring while still providing the cleanliness qualities of the plastic floor grate that supports it.  Excess water flows through the mat, while droppings and spilled feed can quickly be rinsed away.

Mats can be soaked in disinfectant and rinsed dry.  Some users even run them through a clothing washer/dryer cycle

$30.00 each plus shipping


Rearing Cubicle Stand

Simple assembly and lightweight materials make our stand a good choice for those who use their cubicles seasonally and want to store them out of the way during the off season.  Multiple stands can be joined together to make one solid unit for higher volume users.  Want to make moving your stand and cubicle even easier?  We can include rollers at your request.

Brooder stands are shipped disassembled and will require assembly with a rubber mallet.  Many users only pressure-fit their stands  so they can be disassembled after the season is over but gluing with PVC cement is the most stable option.

$85.00 plus shipping

Want to build your own instead?  We are happy to provide a blueprint at no cost with the purchase of a rearing cubicle.

Extra drain, fitting and plug

One replacement safety drain with rubber gasket and plastic nut.  Also includes 1-1/2" female fitting and stainless rubber plug with nylon nut.

$15.00 plus shipping

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